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Blog Week and Half ago this team was down and many thought it was time to sell, as did I. Now we win 8 of 9 and with no fire sale or any players bought. 1 pitch, JD Martinez came out with a bang, 1 inning Zimmerman (Well not so good and no Big Bang ).

This team is so up and down. My personal thought is if this team struggles again after a week of hope sweeping Boston and Houston, fans will be very upset, once again led to promise land, as we watched the New York Yankees with their fire sale and Reloading of prospects. JV, kinsler, F Rod and JD could of brought in a haul.

We were at the highest of highs in 2006, 2012, 2013 and 2014 to only be really let down with terrible endings each of those years. Tigers, you gave us hope this week, Make it a happy ending, for once.

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Fredi The PizzaMan Foundation for Autism (Why I do it and my future for it) 🔗


My name is Fredi Bello, better known as Fredi the PizzaMan.  Here is a little background information about me.  I am 48 years old and have been in the pizzeria/restaurant business for 37 years.  I spent 10 years as a young boy working with my father and learning the ropes.  I have spent 27 years as an owner in this business.  Making pizza and serving people has always been a passion of mine, but my biggest passion is my foundation for Autism.  I started the Fredi the PizzaMan Foundation for Autism 501(c)(3) because I wanted to help the people who work so hard to help these kids succeed in school and for the families that autism effects.

Autism has affected my family personally and after seeing the teachers who work with these children put their heart and soul in to preparing these kids for a bright future, I knew I wanted to do something to help.  Three years ago, I began the Fredi the PizzaMan golf outing to raise money for the classrooms topurchase the equipment that can provide these kids with the sensory and motor input they need to make progress in their school environment.  We were able to raise ~$8500 in 2 years, which helped to redo one of the sensory rooms for an autism classroom.  At that time, I also started the #PopThatTab fundraiser.  This was a way to encourage people to save the tabs from their aluminum cans and donate them to the foundation.  This helped in 2 ways: first it helped to bring awareness to this cause and second, it helps to raise a little extra money for the foundation when the tabs are turned in.  There has been overwhelming support for the #PopThatTab movement.  We are amazed daily at the number of people that drop off bags of tabs to the pizzeria in support of this foundation.  We even have 14 large water jugs spread around the Metro Detroit area in local businesses to collect as many tabs as possible and to continue to spread awareness.  My goal for #PopThatTab is for it to one day be a universal symbol for Autism awareness and support, just as the blue light bulb is during Autism Awareness month that occurs in April.

Since the golf outing has been such a success and sold out last year, I also want to make people aware of other ways they can support the cause if they aren’t golfers or in the event it sells out again.  If people go to, they can help in multiple ways.  We have shirts and hats available for purchase (proceeds go to the charity) or people can sign up to make a one time or monthly donation using PayPal.  The website also includes information on future fundraising events as well as all the social media accounts that link to the foundation and myself.  You can find us at Fredi the PizzaMan on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Gmail.  We are also looking for people that want to donate raffle items and gifts for the golf outing.

We hope to build the foundation to be able to provide supplies to Autism and special education classrooms around the state.  We also want to give back to the families affected by this diagnosis by planning events that are Autism friendly and can give the parents of these children a well-deserved night out.  We are fighting to bring awareness and acceptance to this cause one day at a time.

Thank you


Fredi Bello, AKA Fredi the PizzaMan

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Bob Quinn gets his guy in Year 3



Bob Quinn in year 3 didn’t look far to hire his first Head coach, 27th in Detroit Lions history, and 2nd under Martha Ford’s short stint as team owner, defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, Matt Patricia.

It was an expected hire, as you read in local papers, heard on local sports radio. Quinn had worked closely with Patricia for many years in the New England system. Quinn interviewed 2 of his own coaches and 4 others, which included Patricia. He did his due dilagence, interviewing defensive minds, offensive minds and even a coach with head coaching experience, Pat Shurmer ( Dearborn Divine Child)

Now that Quinn has his own guy, which I still insist, he should of hired his own guy when accepting the job as Lions GM in 2016, but for some reason ( and we can all speculate and there is many theory’s) he did not. He is on the clock now. In the two years, which I say he wasted in a lot of ways, and I’ll get to why I think that way, he has also decided to retain Jim Bob Cooter, offensive Coordinator. Quinn must really like him or values Matthew Stafford’s feelings very much, which he did say in his year end presser, players WILL NOT be involved in coaching hires.

Why do Lions past and current Ownership/GMs always decide to do things half way, fire GMs, Fire Head coach’s, and keep their assistants. In my time watching the Lions, I’ve seen it with Daryl Rogers being fired, his DC Wayne Fontes is promoted, Millen is fired for being a disaster in his time and Martin Mayhew is retained, and fairness to Quinn, he inherited, to be kind, 13 years of  less then stellar Draft classes, which ripped this team of any depth. Now he retains a guy, Cooter who hasn’t produced no running game and really hasn’t been creative in any way. So the team will be hearing a familiar voice in the room. The two years Quinn has been here, he hasn’t devoloped any system/ blueprint.

The biggest question for me, if Matt Patricia has been his guy, why did he wait two years to hire him? Is this 2 years to late for Quinn?  Only way to answer that, the Lions, IMO must win the division and at least a playoff game this year, 2018, for me personally, cause if this coming year ends up with no division title and playoff spot, then what can you really expect going into 2019 and beyond, cause Bob Quinn’s guy, should be entering Year 3 with his system and blueprint. This hire will Define Bob Quinn, and if it goes wrong, it will always fall back to why he waited 2 years, and will he be allowed to hire his 2nd Head coach in 3-4 years? which would be Year 5-6 for Quinn. Remember Matt Millen was an utter disaster as GM, he was here 7 years.

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Detroit Lions next Head Coach?

We’re all entitled to change our minds when picking the next Detroit Lions Head Coach And 1st round picks, for a few simple reasons, we’re fans first, we love playing GM, and the biggest reason, it’s seems that a lot of fans over the years, could of done better at both, by just picking out of a hat. I was consistent 3 years back, Lions needed Taylor Lewan at LT, and his nasty attitude to the whole line, and Dalvin Cook last year, in the 1st round to solidify the running Game, both would of been Home runs, I digress.

Back to Lions Head Coach, a few weeks back for me, it was Mike Vrabel, I even said “ book it” but from some reading, looks as Houston wants to promote him, and move on from Bill O’brein, even though, through many injuries, he has done well. Now I’m changing my mind again and going with this guy, Todd Haley, currently OC for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2012, son of legendary Dick Haley , Pro player personal director with the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1970-1991, was credited for the 1974 Draft, getting four Hall Of Famers, John Stallworth, Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, Jack Lambert.

Back to Todd Haley, he was the OC in Arizona, where the team was one incredible Santonio Holmes catch away from winning the Super Bowl. He gets the job in Kansas City and his 2nd year, he goes 10-6. Entering his 3rd year, his star Tight end Tony Moeaki, Jamal Charles and Eric Berry are out for most or all of the season. Matt Cassell only played 9 Games, and I think we all agree, he’s not on the same level as Matthew Stafford.

This would be his 2nd shot at Head coaching, in his 2nd shot as offensive Coordinator, he’s done well with it. I’m not interested in guys off the Bellicheck tree, it’s Bill Bellicheck, who plants that tree, waters it, grooms and trims it. Todd Haley is my guy, am I right, I have no idea. Getting him RB Nick Chubb would be a great start to his early tenure as Lions HC.

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4hr, 19 minute baseball game???

One thing for sure, this blog won’t even take 4 minutes to read, and the reason you’re reading it, is cause a MLB game, Detroit Tigers Vs Minnesota Twins took 4hrs 19 minutes, a record at Target Field.

Why is this happening, many people will have their theories, even ideas how to fix it, somehow, someway it needs to be fixed. You will hear from the purists, if you love the game, then you will sit thru it. I say, that’s bull. It’s way to long, even the purists would agree. But one thing for sure, no one will agree on how it gets fixed, everyone will have their thoughts and ideas, which is fine, let’s get it fixed.

When I grew up, it was 2:45 minute games. It was starting pitchers, pitching complete games, relievers pitching 3 inning saves. The fundamentals and defense were more crisp, helping speed up the games.

Just about a month ago, I watched a game, Tigers/ Boston 1-1 in the 4th, Zimmerman pitching, gives up a 3 run bomb in the 4th with 2 outs, he gets pulled, with 2 outs?? He couldn’t get one more out? Further slowing down the game, changing pitchers to get one lousy out while no one was on base with 2outs. Changing pitchers between innings in this case, certainly would of sped up the game and the flow. Then we got 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th guys, for starters who can’t go 5 innings, by the way, making 15-20 million a year. So I ask, how would you fix it and speed up the game???

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Detroit Lions Draft

I’m fortunate enough to see a lot of people come thru my door during the week for lunch, serve them New York Slices or my Goulash, which everyone comes in for. They also come in with their thoughts on Detroit Sports, of course I’ve my thoughts, which sparks a debate over lunch, with them eating, me cooking running back and fourth, while conversing, HaHa.

One thing for sure, when talking Lions, (cause Detroit Tigers bullpen talk always ended pretty quickly and usually with laughter) people either hated the draft or loved the draft. For me, I loved it, was it perfect, of course not.

Bob Quinn is building HIS team, depth while slowly moving on with Martin Mayhew draft picks. Last year he hit on a large amount of his draft, which pushed out Guys like Reiff, Tomilson, Curon Reid Levy, etc with this draft. Expect even more guys being pushed out, some of this years draft picks hopefully making the same splashes as last years crop. LB Davis, a character guy, captain and just a disciplined  hard hitting playmaker. Tabor, 2nd round pick just may be the “Rare” talent Quinn spoke of prior to the draft, also another guy from a big name college making plays.

Now this is where most who hated the draft, started with round 3, of course Lions traded down and got an extra pick, finally going Offense in the 3rd taking a WR ( some say could of waited till the 5th for him) 5 drops his whole career, with the extra pick, they go LB with a 1st RD grade, coming off an injury. With the rest, they get more Needs and depth, starting a TE, who’s hands are 11 1/2 inches which is only a 1/2 inch smaller then my medium pizzas, HaHa, then DE/DT, CB, QB, DE.

I’m looking forward to seeing this guys come in, learn and hopefully sooner then later, make plays,  with 2nd year guys like Decker, Glasgow, Robinson, Killebrew, Williams and Washington from last year. Let’s reserve the grades. img_3196In Bob Quinn we trust.

Go Lions

Fredi The PizzaMan

Who is the next “So called” Brandon Inge in the D?

Toward the end of Brandon Inge’s Tigers career most fans had enough, even though he was a stand up guy after wins and especially losses, the move from catcher, to third and eventually second base, it all went down hill as he was hitting below his weight more regularly and the power was non exsistant.Fans wanted more and it wasn’t happening any longer and he took a beating from fans wanting him out of town, failey, some would say unfairly to a few of his fans that still odorded him and his positive attitude and smile.

And which leads me to this question, who is the next Brandon Inge in this town that fans are just ready to move on with, here is a few names:

Reggie Jackson, dribbles to much for fans, shoots to much for being a point guard on this team and isn’t shy letting fans know to look at him every chance they get.

Peter Mrazek, last year at this time he was in the Vezina discussion, league MVP talk while fans were booking airline tickets to get Jimmy Howard out of town,then those shots Mrazek was blocking with miraculous saves, now we’re finding the back of the net,now to Jimmy Howard coming back, finding his old form.

DeAndre Levy, the new long term contract in 2015 after a stellar 2014, the injurys 3-4 days after the contract, the pictures of the dare devil off the field trips all over the country, to missing the rest of the season, to tarting game one in 2016 versus Indianapolis, to out again due to injuries, to ignoring the media and coming back about week 12-13 and  being non existent at best where most fans believed he was just on the field for a paycheck and how can fans not feel that way with everything he said about CTE, injuries and the poking of  the NFL top brass.

Honorable mentions: KCP, Andre Drummond, Darren Helm, Nyquist, Victor Martinez and Abdullah.

Who is yours?

Fredi The PizzaMan

2016 Lions/ 2007 NYG??

So many fans still doubting the Detroit Lions, I get it, One playoff win since 1957, never been to a SuperBowl and 50 of them have been played, but these players have nothing to do with the 1 playoff win in 59 years. Bob Quinn’s first draft class, (  by the way has been very good) weren’t even born in 1991.

So can the 2016 Lions be the 2007 New York Giants? The one word answer is, YES, Why not us. The NYG played the last game of their season at home Vs New England very hard, when it meant nothing. They rallied as a team and believed. They rolled thru the playoffs and we all know thee ending, the Giants ruined the Patriots perfect season.

Lions have the road paved for them this year, Their leader, Matthew Stafford New #SOL #StaffordOurLeader is in the discussion for league MVP, the Offensive Line is growing weekly, the defense is flying to the ball and making plays without their best defensive player DeAndre Levy,  also Ziggy is playing at 60% to be fair. The GM and Head Coach lead with a quiet demeanor to them, but have pushed all the right buttons, so again I ask, why not the 2016 Detroit Lions, Super Bowl 51 champions? Let’s  believe and forget about the failures of 59 years. My guess, even Bobby Layne would believe in 2016.

Fredi The PizzaMan

Detroit Red Wings & Ken Holland

img_3196Seems as Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland can’t say anything to make fans happy anymore. Most fans, from what I hear on talk radio and read on print, weather in newspapers or blogs, they want their leaders, Head coach, manager, Geanral Manager, heck even their owner to get up and say it like it is. He just did, and most don’t like it. Have the Red Wings been stellar the past 4-5 years, not excatly. But I recall them taking the Blackhawks and the Lightning to the brink 3 times, Tampa Bay twice. It’s not enough, I get it. This town is used to raising the Stanley cup and did for a long period of time.

But he just stood up and said, we are not in the top 6 and frankly that’s refreshing to me. He is and has been the one GM to speak in this town and own it weather good or bad. Frankly we are not in the top 6, and yes he deserves the share of the blame probably keeping guys like Zetteburg, Datzuk, Kronwall around to long without getting anything in return to help this team. Probably has kept some of the kids down to long as well.

But maybe him saying this is motivation that players, even coaches need to hear, maybe helping each step up their games. But IMO, if Peter Mrazek plays like a top goaltender like he has proven before, but now do it for a whole season, this team can easily get in that top 6. Point of my story, its refreshing hearing the truth. The truth shouldn’t hurt anyone, it should help and motivate. Lying gets you and no one anywhere but back to another lie.

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Tigers need a veteran bat

imageWay to May injuries has become a common theme in 2016 for the Detroit Tigers. JD in Right field for over a month was a blow to the lineup  and they had to use Steven Moya, a good prospect, but struck out way to much and his  defense was suspect at best, to be nice.

Now Nick Castallanos is hurt and was coming into his own this year at the plate and on defense, he’s now out for a month or so, right smack dab right in the middle of the pennant race. Their option is a career journeyman, Casey McGhee. Sorry, no thank you.

Al Avila needs to make a trade for a veteran bat such as Sean Casey, The Mayor,  or even a  Delmon Young brought to this team, heck even a Matt stairs. There is the option of moving Miguel Cabrera to 3b if that veteran bat is a first baseman IMO.  Go tigers.

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