Detroit Red Wings & Ken Holland

img_3196Seems as Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland can’t say anything to make fans happy anymore. Most fans, from what I hear on talk radio and read on print, weather in newspapers or blogs, they want their leaders, Head coach, manager, Geanral Manager, heck even their owner to get up and say it like it is. He just did, and most don’t like it. Have the Red Wings been stellar the past 4-5 years, not excatly. But I recall them taking the Blackhawks and the Lightning to the brink 3 times, Tampa Bay twice. It’s not enough, I get it. This town is used to raising the Stanley cup and did for a long period of time.

But he just stood up and said, we are not in the top 6 and frankly that’s refreshing to me. He is and has been the one GM to speak in this town and own it weather good or bad. Frankly we are not in the top 6, and yes he deserves the share of the blame probably keeping guys like Zetteburg, Datzuk, Kronwall around to long without getting anything in return to help this team. Probably has kept some of the kids down to long as well.

But maybe him saying this is motivation that players, even coaches need to hear, maybe helping each step up their games. But IMO, if Peter Mrazek plays like a top goaltender like he has proven before, but now do it for a whole season, this team can easily get in that top 6. Point of my story, its refreshing hearing the truth. The truth shouldn’t hurt anyone, it should help and motivate. Lying gets you and no one anywhere but back to another lie.

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Tigers need a veteran bat

imageWay to May injuries has become a common theme in 2016 for the Detroit Tigers. JD in Right field for over a month was a blow to the lineup  and they had to use Steven Moya, a good prospect, but struck out way to much and his  defense was suspect at best, to be nice.

Now Nick Castallanos is hurt and was coming into his own this year at the plate and on defense, he’s now out for a month or so, right smack dab right in the middle of the pennant race. Their option is a career journeyman, Casey McGhee. Sorry, no thank you.

Al Avila needs to make a trade for a veteran bat such as Sean Casey, The Mayor,  or even a  Delmon Young brought to this team, heck even a Matt stairs. There is the option of moving Miguel Cabrera to 3b if that veteran bat is a first baseman IMO.  Go tigers.

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Sitting Kinsler now Brad?

imageSitting Ian Kinsler today is what frustrates me and probably many about the Detroit Tigers the past few years or so. Two Weeks ago this team was left for dead losing 2 to the White Sox in one day with Last at bats.

Now they climb back in the race, and Cleveland is sliding,  So Now Nick Castallanos  gets hurt on a terrible Pitch hitting his hand, Casey Mghee gets called up and inserted right into the starting lineup with Andrew Romine starting at 2b, with Tyler Collins moving to the lead off spot, after he has been hitting very well in the bottom of the order.

So are they giving up cause Sanchez is pitching? They won’t say it Publicly, but we need every win we can get with the only 2 starters pitching well is Verlander and Fulmer. How long can we keep taxing the bullpen. Not a good move today IMO,but as always, Go Tigers. Fredi The PizzaMan

Detroit Lions Offensive Line

My thoughts of the offensive line,they’re young and finally in a very long time, in postion where all 5 guys can gel together for a great 5-7 year running opening holes and protecting the franchise QB. 

They finally got their Taylor, Taylor Decker after they foolishly passed on Taylor Lewan as he fell in their lap ( A HUGE need then ) for a Tight End at pick 10 (We all know the story)

Rielly Rieff is the Elder statesmen, who for once is in the right spot and that’s Right Tackle. Larry Warford Entering his 4th season looks to get back to his rookie year, and now with his injuries in the back burner, should help Reiff adapt to the Right side. The Left Guard spot manned by Laken Tomlinson, looks to build on a solid second half after Joe Lombardi was fired. The Left Tackle spot is young, but now more bigger and Athletic due to drafting Taylor Decker in this years draft, in the first round, (Bob Quinn’s first pick as Lions GM). Lastly the Center postion, either Travis Swanson makes a push or Grahmn Glasgow is there to push him. Either guy has to come in and be that Dom Raolia leader for the offensive Line and QB, and have more push then Dom ever got in the trenches.

If these 5 groom together and build something great for a 5-7 year run, the sky is the limit for Matt Stafford and a much needed running game. Jim Bob Cooter will help a ton meshing the 5 with his play calling, it showed in the very short time in the last 7-8 games in 2015.

Detroit Tigers

Blog Week and Half ago this team was down and many thought it was time to sell, as did I. Now we win 8 of 9 and with no fire sale or any players bought. 1 pitch, JD Martinez came out with a bang, 1 inning Zimmerman (Well not so good and no Big Bang ).

This team is so up and down. My personal thought is if this team struggles again after a week of hope sweeping Boston and Houston, fans will be very upset, once again led to promise land, as we watched the New York Yankees with their fire sale and Reloading of prospects. JV, kinsler, F Rod and JD could of brought in a haul.

We were at the highest of highs in 2006, 2012, 2013 and 2014 to only be really let down with terrible endings each of those years. Tigers, you gave us hope this week, Make it a happy ending, for once.

Fredi the pizzaman