2016 Lions/ 2007 NYG??

So many fans still doubting the Detroit Lions, I get it, One playoff win since 1957, never been to a SuperBowl and 50 of them have been played, but these players have nothing to do with the 1 playoff win in 59 years. Bob Quinn’s first draft class, (  by the way has been very good) weren’t even born in 1991.

So can the 2016 Lions be the 2007 New York Giants? The one word answer is, YES, Why not us. The NYG played the last game of their season at home Vs New England very hard, when it meant nothing. They rallied as a team and believed. They rolled thru the playoffs and we all know thee ending, the Giants ruined the Patriots perfect season.

Lions have the road paved for them this year, Their leader, Matthew Stafford New #SOL #StaffordOurLeader is in the discussion for league MVP, the Offensive Line is growing weekly, the defense is flying to the ball and making plays without their best defensive player DeAndre Levy,  also Ziggy is playing at 60% to be fair. The GM and Head Coach lead with a quiet demeanor to them, but have pushed all the right buttons, so again I ask, why not the 2016 Detroit Lions, Super Bowl 51 champions? Let’s  believe and forget about the failures of 59 years. My guess, even Bobby Layne would believe in 2016.

Fredi The PizzaMan