Who is the next “So called” Brandon Inge in the D?

Toward the end of Brandon Inge’s Tigers career most fans had enough, even though he was a stand up guy after wins and especially losses, the move from catcher, to third and eventually second base, it all went down hill as he was hitting below his weight more regularly and the power was non exsistant.Fans wanted more and it wasn’t happening any longer and he took a beating from fans wanting him out of town, failey, some would say unfairly to a few of his fans that still odorded him and his positive attitude and smile.

And which leads me to this question, who is the next Brandon Inge in this town that fans are just ready to move on with, here is a few names:

Reggie Jackson, dribbles to much for fans, shoots to much for being a point guard on this team and isn’t shy letting fans know to look at him every chance they get.

Peter Mrazek, last year at this time he was in the Vezina discussion, league MVP talk while fans were booking airline tickets to get Jimmy Howard out of town,then those shots Mrazek was blocking with miraculous saves, now we’re finding the back of the net,now to Jimmy Howard coming back, finding his old form.

DeAndre Levy, the new long term contract in 2015 after a stellar 2014, the injurys 3-4 days after the contract, the pictures of the dare devil off the field trips all over the country, to missing the rest of the season, to tarting game one in 2016 versus Indianapolis, to out again due to injuries, to ignoring the media and coming back about week 12-13 and  being non existent at best where most fans believed he was just on the field for a paycheck and how can fans not feel that way with everything he said about CTE, injuries and the poking of  the NFL top brass.

Honorable mentions: KCP, Andre Drummond, Darren Helm, Nyquist, Victor Martinez and Abdullah.

Who is yours?

Fredi The PizzaMan