Detroit Lions Draft

I’m fortunate enough to see a lot of people come thru my door during the week for lunch, serve them New York Slices or my Goulash, which everyone comes in for. They also come in with their thoughts on Detroit Sports, of course I’ve my thoughts, which sparks a debate over lunch, with them eating, me cooking running back and fourth, while conversing, HaHa.

One thing for sure, when talking Lions, (cause Detroit Tigers bullpen talk always ended pretty quickly and usually with laughter) people either hated the draft or loved the draft. For me, I loved it, was it perfect, of course not.

Bob Quinn is building HIS team, depth while slowly moving on with Martin Mayhew draft picks. Last year he hit on a large amount of his draft, which pushed out Guys like Reiff, Tomilson, Curon Reid Levy, etc with this draft. Expect even more guys being pushed out, some of this years draft picks hopefully making the same splashes as last years crop. LB Davis, a character guy, captain and just a disciplined  hard hitting playmaker. Tabor, 2nd round pick just may be the “Rare” talent Quinn spoke of prior to the draft, also another guy from a big name college making plays.

Now this is where most who hated the draft, started with round 3, of course Lions traded down and got an extra pick, finally going Offense in the 3rd taking a WR ( some say could of waited till the 5th for him) 5 drops his whole career, with the extra pick, they go LB with a 1st RD grade, coming off an injury. With the rest, they get more Needs and depth, starting a TE, who’s hands are 11 1/2 inches which is only a 1/2 inch smaller then my medium pizzas, HaHa, then DE/DT, CB, QB, DE.

I’m looking forward to seeing this guys come in, learn and hopefully sooner then later, make plays,  with 2nd year guys like Decker, Glasgow, Robinson, Killebrew, Williams and Washington from last year. Let’s reserve the grades. img_3196In Bob Quinn we trust.

Go Lions

Fredi The PizzaMan