4hr, 19 minute baseball game???

One thing for sure, this blog won’t even take 4 minutes to read, and the reason you’re reading it, is cause a MLB game, Detroit Tigers Vs Minnesota Twins took 4hrs 19 minutes, a record at Target Field.

Why is this happening, many people will have their theories, even ideas how to fix it, somehow, someway it needs to be fixed. You will hear from the purists, if you love the game, then you will sit thru it. I say, that’s bull. It’s way to long, even the purists would agree. But one thing for sure, no one will agree on how it gets fixed, everyone will have their thoughts and ideas, which is fine, let’s get it fixed.

When I grew up, it was 2:45 minute games. It was starting pitchers, pitching complete games, relievers pitching 3 inning saves. The fundamentals and defense were more crisp, helping speed up the games.

Just about a month ago, I watched a game, Tigers/ Boston 1-1 in the 4th, Zimmerman pitching, gives up a 3 run bomb in the 4th with 2 outs, he gets pulled, with 2 outs?? He couldn’t get one more out? Further slowing down the game, changing pitchers to get one lousy out while no one was on base with 2outs. Changing pitchers between innings in this case, certainly would of sped up the game and the flow. Then we got 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th guys, for starters who can’t go 5 innings, by the way, making 15-20 million a year. So I ask, how would you fix it and speed up the game???

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