Detroit Lions next Head Coach?

We’re all entitled to change our minds when picking the next Detroit Lions Head Coach And 1st round picks, for a few simple reasons, we’re fans first, we love playing GM, and the biggest reason, it’s seems that a lot of fans over the years, could of done better at both, by just picking out of a hat. I was consistent 3 years back, Lions needed Taylor Lewan at LT, and his nasty attitude to the whole line, and Dalvin Cook last year, in the 1st round to solidify the running Game, both would of been Home runs, I digress.

Back to Lions Head Coach, a few weeks back for me, it was Mike Vrabel, I even said “ book it” but from some reading, looks as Houston wants to promote him, and move on from Bill O’brein, even though, through many injuries, he has done well. Now I’m changing my mind again and going with this guy, Todd Haley, currently OC for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2012, son of legendary Dick Haley , Pro player personal director with the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1970-1991, was credited for the 1974 Draft, getting four Hall Of Famers, John Stallworth, Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, Jack Lambert.

Back to Todd Haley, he was the OC in Arizona, where the team was one incredible Santonio Holmes catch away from winning the Super Bowl. He gets the job in Kansas City and his 2nd year, he goes 10-6. Entering his 3rd year, his star Tight end Tony Moeaki, Jamal Charles and Eric Berry are out for most or all of the season. Matt Cassell only played 9 Games, and I think we all agree, he’s not on the same level as Matthew Stafford.

This would be his 2nd shot at Head coaching, in his 2nd shot as offensive Coordinator, he’s done well with it. I’m not interested in guys off the Bellicheck tree, it’s Bill Bellicheck, who plants that tree, waters it, grooms and trims it. Todd Haley is my guy, am I right, I have no idea. Getting him RB Nick Chubb would be a great start to his early tenure as Lions HC.

Fredi The PizzaMan


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