Bob Quinn gets his guy in Year 3



Bob Quinn in year 3 didn’t look far to hire his first Head coach, 27th in Detroit Lions history, and 2nd under Martha Ford’s short stint as team owner, defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, Matt Patricia.

It was an expected hire, as you read in local papers, heard on local sports radio. Quinn had worked closely with Patricia for many years in the New England system. Quinn interviewed 2 of his own coaches and 4 others, which included Patricia. He did his due dilagence, interviewing defensive minds, offensive minds and even a coach with head coaching experience, Pat Shurmer ( Dearborn Divine Child)

Now that Quinn has his own guy, which I still insist, he should of hired his own guy when accepting the job as Lions GM in 2016, but for some reason ( and we can all speculate and there is many theory’s) he did not. He is on the clock now. In the two years, which I say he wasted in a lot of ways, and I’ll get to why I think that way, he has also decided to retain Jim Bob Cooter, offensive Coordinator. Quinn must really like him or values Matthew Stafford’s feelings very much, which he did say in his year end presser, players WILL NOT be involved in coaching hires.

Why do Lions past and current Ownership/GMs always decide to do things half way, fire GMs, Fire Head coach’s, and keep their assistants. In my time watching the Lions, I’ve seen it with Daryl Rogers being fired, his DC Wayne Fontes is promoted, Millen is fired for being a disaster in his time and Martin Mayhew is retained, and fairness to Quinn, he inherited, to be kind, 13 years of  less then stellar Draft classes, which ripped this team of any depth. Now he retains a guy, Cooter who hasn’t produced no running game and really hasn’t been creative in any way. So the team will be hearing a familiar voice in the room. The two years Quinn has been here, he hasn’t devoloped any system/ blueprint.

The biggest question for me, if Matt Patricia has been his guy, why did he wait two years to hire him? Is this 2 years to late for Quinn?  Only way to answer that, the Lions, IMO must win the division and at least a playoff game this year, 2018, for me personally, cause if this coming year ends up with no division title and playoff spot, then what can you really expect going into 2019 and beyond, cause Bob Quinn’s guy, should be entering Year 3 with his system and blueprint. This hire will Define Bob Quinn, and if it goes wrong, it will always fall back to why he waited 2 years, and will he be allowed to hire his 2nd Head coach in 3-4 years? which would be Year 5-6 for Quinn. Remember Matt Millen was an utter disaster as GM, he was here 7 years.

Fredi The PizzaMan™



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